Ones and Zeros

Self Portrait04sm

This is not a painting, in the traditional sense.  It is a digital collage.  There is some debate as to the validity of digital fine art.  In my oppinion it is a valid form of art.  It is the art of the times.  To say otherwise is to see the art world through blinders.  However, the very thing that makes Art valuable, its Originality, may be the problem.  But with photography, and the internet, any work of art can be reproduced and spread throughout the world in seconds.  Digital art acknowledges that reality to a certain extent.  This is a recent composition, done with Adobe Photoshop.  The visual possibilities of this tool for a digital artist are limitless.  And I equate this type of work to that of a Music DJ who samples different beats electronically.

If you would like to see some more of my digital art work go to the Ones and Zeros show at Eye Level Art, June 13th 8-12 pm, at the ELA Warehouse Gallery.  2143 Heriot Street, Charleston, SC